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Oigedchaire - Hospitality & The Irish Saints
More... Chronicling Her Presence, With Music    

Chronicling Her Presence, With Music

The Guest's Chair Journal

By Michael Kleissler

This past Christmas, I was blessed with the opportunity to bring my mother to my daughter's Dance and Music Christmas Concert.  Last year due to her Dementia, I felt that bringing her would have been overwhelming for us but this year with my father making the trip we decided to give it a shot.   We knew preparation would be key to pulling it off.  First, I took a day off and brought my mother to the local salon to dye her hair its beautiful old…

More... Saints Feast Day & Liturgical Calendar    

Saints Feast Day & Liturgical Calendar

By Admin

There is a Irish Saints & Roman Catholic liturgical Calendar with information on the Irish saints highlighted that is ready for the 2013 Liturgical calendar.  It is now current into April and will be complete filled in as the year moves along.  We have begun to promote the calendar on the Feast of St. Columbanus November 23, 2012.  

More... Francis, A Pope That Walks    

Francis, A Pope That Walks

By Michael Maedoc

My love for the Irish saints, and my fondness for Cardinal Bergoglio have one very important thing in common, the humility of a simple holy life.  Cardinal Bergoglio eschewed luxury for a pair of walking shoes and the bus.  St. Aidan, to whom I have great devotion, eschewed the horse given him by his friend King Oswald preferring to serve his flock on foot...

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The Flaithiúlacht of Christian Life PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:32

One night, then, when they were on the bulwark of their fort and their full steading,

his wife said to him:

Have you, O husband, property in your province, or land in fee?

and if there were, she says,

we should fitly go to it

there to spend our vast wealth

and build a common guesthouse

so that everyone might find his fill with us at our native place,

Traditional Irish Prayer at Mass PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 April 2013 19:35

sacrament unityI've been reading the lovely compilation released by the Irish Bishops on Eucharistic devotion in Ireland.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had asked the Irish church to highlight their great Christian heritage and this book was the result.  With all the great treasures brought out in the book's numerous short articles by experts and scholars invited to contribute, I was motivated to dig back into my reading and pull out an Irish 'welcoming'prayer for after consecration.  Fr. O'Riordan quotes Eilis Ni Chorra on a Mass she attended in Co Mayo some 100 years ago,"The church was packed and never before (or since) have I seen or heard such fervour... at the consecration there was such a cry of welcome to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament - Céad míle fáilte,a Thiarna (a hundred thousand welcomes Lord) - that the tears came to my eyes - and I am not an emotional person."  I have always been moved by this account along with the following prayer from Fr. O'Laoghaire's Our Mass Our Life:

One hundred thousand welcomes to you, Body of the Lord,
You, Son of her the Virgin, the brightest, most adorned,
Your death in such fashion
On the tree of the passion
has saved Eve's race and put sin to death

Patrick, Aware of His Unbelief, Converted a Nation PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 March 2013 05:47

St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, was born in Brittain to parents who were part of the Roman ruling class.  Patrick himself tells us that he was neglectful of religion as a boy, perhaps due to the moderate Christian atmosphere in which he lived, and recalls committing a sin in his early teen years that would trouble his conscience long after.  At the young age of sixteen Patrick was taken into captivity in the north east part of Ireland where he was a shephard in the woods and on the mountainside.

Beyond Words, The Poetry of Sacrament and the Mundane PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 January 2013 22:11

The New Liturgical Movement has a post Beauty Communicates Something Beyond Words that strikes to the heart of the virtue of sacrament.  By virtue I mean the habit of seeing the world through a sacramental gaze.  The inspiration for the post was the liturgy but for me it coicides with something more mundane than the liturgy but beautiful in its own way. 

Clean the Field of Our Heart PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 November 2012 20:36

The coming year is the Year of Faith, so it is fitting t0 quote from Columbanus' sermons on Faith. Last year, we read his first sermon on Faith, Presence of the Trinity. The second sermon, also on Faith, puts the focus on cleaning our own heart. In the sermon he makes a basic and yet most important point:

Since, just as the depth of the sea is invisible to human sight, even so the Godhead of the Trinity is found to be unknowable by human senses...

The Virtue of Detachment PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 20:51

The beauty of this Christmas season has inspired me to begin a series of posts on the virtues of the Irish monks described in Msgr. Barr's book The Shadow of the Cross.  It was Msgr. Barr's presentation of the spiritual way of those great saints that inspired the creation of this group and web site.  The Celtic Virtue of Detachment seems to  be at the front of my mind these days...

Review: Roan, The Tales of Conor Archer - Vol I PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 February 2013 21:35

Apart from a trip to Pere Marquette State Park on the Missouri river, where a large painting of the Piasa bird has been recreated, I had heard very little about the Indian myth.  In Roan, ER Bar brings the river culture of the Midwest to life by blending the Indian myth of the Piasa bird with Celtic myth in the beautiful setting of southeast Wisconsin.  The Piasa bird, known as "bird of the evil spirit" features strongly in this head-first adventure into the confluence of the spiritual worlds of ancient myth and christianity. 

Hunger and Thirst for God, St. Íte PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 January 2013 00:00

In a time where the idea of sacrament has been lost and women have been objectified beyond belief St. Íte is a real example that we can look to.  Her feast falls on January 15th just two weeks before the feast of another great woman saint of Ireland, St. Brigid.   Legend has it that both Brigid and Ite were given the vision of being wet nurses of the baby Jesus.

Bringing Back Friday Penance? Dolan Reflects on Sacrament of Reconciliation - UPDATE PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 November 2012 18:04

This morning in Baltimore at the opening session at the US Bishops Plenary Cardinal Dolan gave a reflection on the Sacrament of Reconciliation that highlighted the value of penance.  Dolan talked about the importance of re-evangelizing the evangelizers quoting G.K. Chesterton "What's wrong with the world?  I am."

Imitation of Holy Humility, St. Aidan PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:27

Today is the Feast of St. Aidan.  In his commentary on the history of the English Church Venerable Bede commends as praiseworthy Aidan's virtues; that he did not attach himself to things of this world, he was concerned for the poor "wont to traverse both town and country on foot, never on horseback," never given to haughtiness,  and always sought to bring into the faith or deeper into the faith those whom he encountered in his travel.

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