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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 20:46


Shortly after the oppressive heat with its ninety degree temps and high humidity dropped off and the wind swept in the cool air they appeared ready to bloom on the vigil of St. Clare.  My wife had often spoke of them, the lilies that bloom for the Feast of St. Clare.  Its the vigil of the feast and they're just starting to spread out and bloom.  These same lilies are more commonly known today as surprise lilies.  The medieval days had this much to their benefit, a sacramental perspective that saw the world in terms of God's revelation and named things with a vision for their meaning.  These lilies are a sign of eternal life and to see them bloom for the feast of St. Clare is wonderful.  My wife gets the name of these lilies from the Poor Clares that we always visit during the novena to St. Clare.  Are they known to many as the lilies of St. Clare?  I'm not sure of the history behind the reference but they clearly fit a most appropriate criterion for their name, that is their religious/sacramental meaning.


There is nothing more beautiful than when nature speaks directly to us in unison with the liturgical calendar, as  it does with the Annunciation and Nativity.  And truly wonderful when it makes present the glory of the saints. What better saint to realize this than a saint devoted to the Incarnation present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  Saint Clare is usually presented with a Monstrance or a Lily.

A prayer to St. Clare:


BLESSED SAINT CLARE, whose virginal heart was great enough to love the whole world, take our petitions into your pure hands and present them to God.  Pray for us that we may one day enter in joyously before the Throne of God.  Let the light of your perfect purity consume the shadows of sin and corruption that darken the world.  Intercede by your innocence for our youth.  Safeguard the peace of our homes and the unity of our families.  Plead with your chaste love for all in peril.  Amen.

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