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Sunday, 14 August 2011 14:22


Its Mary's lent and the heavenly beauty of Our Blessed Mother shows itself amidst the difficulties of fasting, heat or other pains.  The flowers that bloomed for the Feast of St. Clare are now all in full bloom for the the feast of the Assumption tomorrow.  The novena to Our Lady of Knock begins today the Vigil of the Assumption and ends the day after the Feast to Our Lady of Knock on the Queenship of Mary.  I love this time of year, for it is truly for our Lady.

What is so unique about Knock that it draws such devotion?  Perhaps it is that no words were spoken and the story has a different dynamic. The beauty of Knock during that short period in 1879 is not the easiest to capture. The rain fell in eastern Mayo most of the day and the humble ways of the people and modest landscape may not grab the imagination with simple story or picture alone. Much has been said about the poverty and faith of the people of Knock and their pastor. Like most approved apparitions many miracles of healing have been worked and it has been a place of pilgrimage for many. Among all this, the beauty that moves me to devotion is found in the silence of the event and movement of the  hearts of the people, simple adoration.  For us its about pilgrimage.

They are showing the prayer live at the Knock shrine web site. We can make a pilgrimage of the heart and participate in the prayers by live feed.  More importantly we'll be doing the family rosary tonight. The novena prayer can be found on the site as well CLICK HERE.

There's a nice little piece on Our Lady of Knock over at MarySource about referring to Our Lady of Knock as Our Lady of Silence.:

Although our Blessed Mother, Mary, never spoke a single word in this apparition.  Her visit spoke and continues to speak volumes to us, if we will listen with our hearts. A poor parish church was built in Knock, Ireland in 1829.  It was a small, stone church that could accommodate about 30 people.  And, it was dedicated to St. John the Baptist (the one who heralded the coming of Jesus Christ).  The village of Knock is situated three hours west of Dublin and one hour north of Galway, in the Irish county of Mayo.  Next to the church, lie a rectory, a small school for boys and another for girls.  The parish grounds which is the center of the village is surrounded by a stonewall.   Read The Article Here.

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