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Chronicling Her Presence, Over Time PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 22:34

My mother moved from my home state to live with us a little over two years ago.  I'll never forget it.  Helping her through this time in her life is incredibly important to me and her arrival on the Feast of Epiphany was a true blessing.  Its been some years since her mental health allowed us to develop a strong bond but the the relatively recent presentation of a new phase of dementia has changed things dramatically.  With increased dependency comes virtues crucial to building relationships and we have rebuilt our relationship.  The old saying that every cloud has a silver lining definitely fits here. 

I've been wanting to share the many blessings of spending time with adults with dementia for some time now and my experience with my mother not only gives me that opportunity but writing about it helps me cherish it. 

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Review: Roan, The Tales of Conor Archer - Vol I PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 February 2013 21:35

Apart from a trip to Pere Marquette State Park on the Missouri river, where a large painting of the Piasa bird has been recreated, I had heard very little about the Indian myth.  In Roan, ER Bar brings the river culture of the Midwest to life by blending the Indian myth of the Piasa bird with Celtic myth in the beautiful setting of southeast Wisconsin.  The Piasa bird, known as "bird of the evil spirit" features strongly in this head-first adventure into the confluence of the spiritual worlds of ancient myth and christianity.  This is a story about how Conor Archer, a young man from Chicago, must learn to deal with the extraordinary gifts that he has been given.  When Conor travels to the small town of Tinker's Grove on the Wisonsin river, the ancient myths of Ireland and America come alive as if that small town stands outside time and place. 

Author ER Barr does a brilliant job of raising the reader's awarenes to the spiritual battle for souls but its the tight knit Irish Catholic community in Tinker's Grove that will capture your heart.  After the passing of his mother, Conor makes his way to the support and love of his Aunt Emily, a wise old soul who can help Conor deal with a series of events the young man can hardly understand.  Tinker's Grove is a charming but mysterious place with its looming monastery on the hill, the wise and holy abbot Malachy, and its long held Irish traditions.  The town may have its demons but it has its saints as well.


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Man Your Rosary, Faith of Fr. Peyton PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 February 2013 23:06

Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes to everyone!  For numerous reasons this feast day comes at a very important time this year.  For my family, our girls are getting old enough to join in on the rosary with us making family rosary a reality.  The calls for fasting and prayer are coming strong from all directions.  The Bishops have asked for fasting and prayer for the family and religious liberty including requesting fasting on Fridays outside of lent.  The abortion debate in Ireland generated a movement of Catholics seeking to fast and pray for forty days for the pro-life cause.  The request was made for nearly all the days between January 1st and the beginning of lent, if that gives you any indication of how urgent the need has become in Ireland.  Who better to turn to for family and human life than the Blessed Mother.  That of course is where Our Lady of Lourdes fits in.  This past Saturday was day forty of the pro-life fast for Ireland and the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes falls smack in between the the two fasts with Ash Wednesday just two days from now.

And now, with the Pope's announcement that he is resigning his ministry and his call for the election of a new Pope in March.  Its time to firm up our faith in the Church and the Papacy through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

During my time at Steubenville, my friends and I would make frequent trips to the Grotto to Our Lady or Lourdes.  I can vividly remember the setting, the color of the rock, statue of Mary and the quiet that helped to make it such a holy space.  As important as the many elements are to producing the holy space, my situation and disposition was a significant contributor to the joy and firmness of faith that prayer at the grotto helped secure.  It is something that I feel a need to regain.  So today, I watched a video on Fr. Peyton over at Catholic TV.   

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Since I'm on a Trad Music Kick PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 February 2013 15:41

I'm back to practicing my mandolin, and with great joy learning the whistle, albeit slowly, as I help my daughter learn.  We've been on Youtube watching the CommandoTrad folks from Quebec.  Quebecois trad is my favorite after Irish trad and this bunch from CommandoTrad have some fun videos.  They started with flash mob videos but have also created some fun montage videos of folks playing the same tune from around the province.  This one below is just that with folks skyped into a radio broadcast. 


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What is That? Patience PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 February 2013 21:50

My friend David posted this video online.  Its beautiful and says so much about caring for the elderly, especially one's parents.  Patience and love. 

The about section of the video reads "Father and son are sitting on a bench. Suddenly a sparrow lands across them. Lesson to learn about treating our parents."



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