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St. Fiachra August 30th
Monday, 30 August 2010 10:37

St. Fiachra August 30th

fiachracropped_jpegSt. Fiachra was born in Ireland in the 7th century.  He as raised in a monastery where he learned the science of using herbs for healing and trained to be a monk.  After ordination as a priest he established a hermitage in County Kilkenny.  Fiachra became very well known as a holy man and healer bringing many disciples to follow after him interfering with his desire to live the life of holy isolation.  He fled to France where St. Faro of Meaux received him gratefully and Fiachra was given land for a hermitage.

It was in Meaux that Fiachra built an oratory to the Blessed Mother, a hospice in which he could receive pilgrims, a cell for his own living and a gardento grow his helaing herbs.  Fiachra lived a holy life of mortification, prayer, fasting and manual labor in the garden.  There were many miracles attributed to his touch.  Most noted among the cures was a tumour that has since been called "le fic de S. Fiacre".  His garden was a place of pilgrimage for many seeking healing.

St. Fiachra is the patron saint of gardeners and cab drivers.




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