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Saturday, 31 August 2013 15:19

What separates bicycle transport from driving is the experience of the culture around you, the closeness to things is grounding and the work involved in biking is good for the soul.  The pictures capture it but with this journey there was an unexpected benefit in the end. 

The route is the Riverfront Trail in St. Louis that takes you north along the Mississippi River to a park on the Missouri side and towards the chain of rocks bridg on the Illinois side.  Its a mix of urban industrial in the city and when the route splits into two and you choose to take the route over the bridge accross the Mississippi River to Illinois you can enjoy the more country like scenery.  There's a certain poverty to the route as it winds through the industry along the river.  The trail was a nice investment but its beginning to look a little worn as many of the sites to gather for the trail are rough spots in the backyard of industry.  Repair and construction efforts detour the trail on a couple occasions adding a little bit to the experience.  Below are some of the photos: 

 You never know when God will send a little blessing.  As I travelled out of downtown and into north city I recognized the adoration chapel of Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, known as the Pink Sisters for their pink habit.  Detouring off the trail to the city may be difficult at some points.  Fortunately, the detour to the Pink sisters was an easy jog over to Adelaide and up the hill.  I arrived in time for Sunday Vespers. 

Prior to the bike trip I met with a friend who shared with me his way of being thankful for the things he has in his life.  He keeps a picture of poor children from third world countries on his desk at work to remind him of how much he has to be thankful for.  This lesson rang even more true at the Pink Sisters.  These sisters don't have beautiful bike routes and many of the other comforts of the world but they do have Christ in the most Blessed Sacrament...  and so do we.  I left praying that I can learn from their focus and, regardless of how difficult life can become, live with enthusiasm for that simple fact. 

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