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Wednesday, 02 July 2014 19:42

The video below is a great video, a funny video, but also hits a real issue for me since a friend of mine recently received a ticket for a bicycle traffic violation.  There are times when cyclists break the traffic laws but do so for safety reasons, not always for good reasons, but often.  Few drivers give much thought to bicycles, they'd rather that bikes were not in the way.  If you check the Pennsylvania guide they will tell you to take the lane, instead of hugging the shoulder, its safer but few think to do this.  To be technical bikes are supposed to follow the same traffic guidelines as cars, but often, in high traffic areas, cyclists must be creative to avoid the dangerous traffic that at times may not recognize their presence.

America is far from being a bicycle friendly nation and traffic laws give little consideration to cyclists.  Thankfully most policemen know and appreciate the need to bend the rules.  Not this guy though:



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