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Written by Michael Maedoc   
Sunday, 27 November 2011 17:37

We need more beautiful Catholic art, poetry and music.  Having just watched a beautiful portrait of the life of Jesus in a movie.  In a movie that was a claymation intended for our children; they fell asleep but my wife and I could not peel our selves from watching it.  I thought it a good idea to post a poem that is unique in how it sends the message.  Thanks to Dappled Things we have access to some beautiful art and commentary.  This poem is by Anne Babson:


"Could I report you stood sentry at dawn,
waiting for the cemetery sun to take
grief and reopen it with morning
glories on vines around you? This bony

Rabbi who had awakened you was sleeping
forever. His mother had devoured her lip
while you dressed His wounds so hurriedly,
absurdly—He could not even feel the

sting of unguent rubbed into His bloodied feet!
She had cradled His head without blinking while
you twisted His limbs in the Egyptian
cotton. When you covered His face, she had..."



Anne Babson, Dappled Things, Mary Queen of the Angels (Issue - Fall), 2011.

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