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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 20:21

Its been a beautiful day; our busy work week was joyfully interrupted by white smoke coming from a chimney.  Yes, Pope Francis' simplicity seems to fit rather well with the fact that the Catholic Church had the world staring at a chimney.  Then I came home to what was supposed to be a night preparing for the St. Patrick's Day parade and music/dance at the nursing home.  Instead we celebrated the exciting news of Pope Francis.  Somehow, this all fits together.  My love for the Irish saints, and my fondness for Cardinal Bergoglio have one very important thing in common, the humility of a simple holy life.  Cardinal Bergoglio eschewed luxury for a pair of walking shoes and the bus.  St. Aidan, to whom I have great devotion, eschewed the horse given him by his friend King Oswald preferring to serve his flock on foot.  I have made this approach key to my way of life, walk, bike and take the bus over a car.  It brings you closer to your brothers and sisters in Christ, to the poor and keeps you grounded.  I love Pope Francis because he has chosen the Gospel of Christ, to serve the poor by living among them.

Last night at a banquet to raise money for a pregnancy center, Rick Santorum spoke about his experience during the primary and made a timely point about walking not running.   In the fall of 2011 during the primary while Santorum was trailing terribly in the polls.  Santorum was asked if he was running and he responsed "No, I'm walking."  For him, the decision to run for president involved a walk with the Lord, it was something that involved discernment and prayer.   We should consider the vote on the new Pope with the same discernment.  Pope Francis is certainly a Pope that walks with the Lord and he does so by walking among the poor.  It appears this is the message the Lord wants us to hear.  

I believe and will pray that Pope Francis will be a catalyst in getting the more doctrinely correct Church back on its feet walking the streets, away from its comfort zone, and serving the poor.  Fr. Longenecker makes this point well:

The world will not listen to our words until our works match up. Therefore, the best thing we can do is the best thing we have always done: become again the church of the poor, the slaves, the downtrodden and the needy... With his leadership perhaps more of us will also adopt the name “Francis.” Perhaps more of us will seek to re-build the church. Perhaps more of us will become more joyful and live out again the spirit of poverty and simplicity in our lives. Perhaps more of us will be fools for Christ...

Where to start?  I'll pray that God provides the opportunity to serve and perhaps tomorrow I'll get back on that bike on my way to work.

To learn a bit about Pope Francis and get a feel for how the Spirit was working in the conclave, listen to Cardinal Dolan's question and answer from Rome.


 pope Francis on Bus

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