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Saturday, 19 January 2013 00:00

In a time where the idea of sacrament has been lost and women have been objectified beyond belief St. Íte is a real example that we can look to.  Her feast falls on January 15th just two weeks before the feast of another great woman saint of Ireland, St. Brigid.   Legend has it that both Brigid and Ite were given the vision of being wet nurses of the baby Jesus.  For me, this speaks of the intimate bond between mother and child and how these women gave life to the name of Jesus in the hearts of the Irish of their time.  She nurtured faith in Christ among many in Ireland including St. Brendan.  St. Íte is known as the foster mother of the Saints of Ireland. 

Tradition has it Íte received her name for her thirst for God.  I believe this example of holy living, to always thirst after God and to see in others the opportunity to nurture faith in Christ, is key to transforming our culture one soul at a time.  The following story from the Lives of the Irish Saints helps paint the picture. 

Ite prayed to God that she might, on a coming feast-day, get Holy Communion at the hands of a very holy Priest. Her prayer was heard, and she was led by an Angel to Clonmacnois, and there ate the heavenly Bread. The holy Priest who gave her Communion afterwards set out for Ite's Convent, and when he had come to it, asked her to give sight to a blind Monk then with him. She did so, and asked the holy Priest to sing Mass for her. After Mass she gave him a present of the vestments, but he would not take them, saying that he had been forbidden by his Abbot to take any gift from her. Ite then said, “Your holy Abbot will not be angry if you take this towel as a gift from me; I will tell you why. One day he came to the Convent of the holy virgin Caireche and she asked to be allowed to wash his feet. Then this holy virgin washed the feet of your Abbot and wiped them with a towel. I give it now to you, and he will be glad to get it when reminded of this fact”. The holy Priest then took the gift, and having got her blessing, went back to Clonmacnois.

 ht to Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae

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