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Saturday, 09 February 2013 23:06

Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes to everyone!  For numerous reasons this feast day comes at a very important time this year.  For my family, our girls are getting old enough to join in on the rosary with us making family rosary a reality.  The calls for fasting and prayer are coming strong from all directions.  The Bishops have asked for fasting and prayer for the family and religious liberty including requesting fasting on Fridays outside of lent.  The abortion debate in Ireland generated a movement of Catholics seeking to fast and pray for forty days for the pro-life cause.  The request was made for nearly all the days between January 1st and the beginning of lent, if that gives you any indication of how urgent the need has become in Ireland.  Who better to turn to for family and human life than the Blessed Mother.  That of course is where Our Lady of Lourdes fits in.  This past Saturday was day forty of the pro-life fast for Ireland and the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes falls smack in between the the two fasts with Ash Wednesday just two days from now.

And now, with the Pope's announcement that he is resigning his ministry and his call for the election of a new Pope in March.  Its time to firm up our faith in the Church and the Papacy through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

During my time at Steubenville, my friends and I would make frequent trips to the Grotto to Our Lady or Lourdes.  I can vividly remember the setting, the color of the rock, statue of Mary and the quiet that helped to make it such a holy space.  As important as the many elements are to producing the holy space, my situation and disposition was a significant contributor to the joy and firmness of faith that prayer at the grotto helped secure.  It is something that I feel a need to regain.  So today, I watched a video on Fr. Peyton over at Catholic TV.   There is a firmness of faith in Fr. Peyton's words that comes from a grounded family life of simple poverty and devotion to the Blessed Mother.  To listen to him speak about his thatched roof family home says allot about the family life that formed him.  Nine children plus the parents lived "in a tiny little house, one kitchen and a room and a little store room at the end and a little loft over the store room.  But if we were in a palace, it wouldn't compare with the joy, the unity and the peace we all enjoyed."  When asked about the hard life that the poverty must have brought Fr. Peyton responded:

Oh but you don't think of it hards, its the beautiful peace, and the meaning of life that counts.  That hardship and everything else helped us with the contrast to appreciate life, that its a gift of God's.

The real sacrifice that we can offer is our life, to live simple and poor at heart with a devotion to Christ and his Blessed Mother.  This is an inspiring lesson on the virtue of poverty and a beautiful setting for growing the faith but its his words on his devotion to the Blessed Mother and strengthening family life that are so moving, so firm. 

People are both social and religious by nature.  That is why the family society, the family community, must have a religious dimension to be complete and effective.  Healthy societies, Churches and religious bodies supports strong families... what she means to me, my life, my sweetness, my hope.  She's everything, she's my security, my inspiration, the wonderful friend the best friend I have after Jesus Christ.  The one who never turns her back on me when I'm in need.... So, my heart loves her with all intensity that words can not describe... Mother of Our Redeemer, Mother of Our Creator, Mother of our Savior, the Comforter of the Afflicted, The Help of Christians, Mary you are all that to me.  To God the Father you are his most beloved daughter, to God the Son you are the most beloved mother, to God the Spirit you are the most beloved spouse, and you're that to me.  You're everything to me Mary.

The Pope's announcment brings a time of hope.  I pray we can respond to this announcement with the firmness of faith like that of Fr. Peyton.

Here's a short video about Fr. Peyton's younger years:


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