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Thursday, 02 May 2013 19:30


I was scanning the web tonight and found an article on Danylo Fedoryka, a popular folk-rock musician, who is pro-life.  Curious I dug into the history of his band Scythian and saw a couple familiar names which led me to dig deeper.  The band is a blend of folk traditions from Celtic to Bluegrass and Ukrainian Gypsy music.  This find comes at a good time for me as we are planning to promote the Hungarian folk band Tukros' concert at the St. Mary of Victories parish hall.  An interview with Danylo Fedoryka was posted on World on Campus with an emphasis on his pro-life position.  His guitar case is plastered with pro-life stickers.  Danylo's pro-life stance may stand out among musicians but its his perspective on music and God that truly stands out.  When asked if he has taken any backlash from the music world for his views, he answered:

No, not really, because our band isn't really political. My mom always said you play music to touch the soul, because there's beauty in music. God is in beauty. And if you really want to touch people, you have to touch their hearts first before you get into anything political. But I put my stickers on there because people will come up to me and I can actually engage them in a conversation and hopefully shed some light on the subject. It's not to be belligerent or "out there"; it's a silent witness and that's my purpose for having those stickers on there. And for the most part, if people find out, they just admire the fact that I stand for something that I believe in.

Their music can definitely touch the soul and the variety of folk traditions they touch upon adds to the beauty of the music.  What also stands out is their having fun doing it. 

The above video is Scythian playing Celtic music at an Irish festival.  Below is a video of Alex's Gypsy fiddle playing:



According to Wiki, under the Controversy section, three of the members formed a band called Ultramontane in order to play at the March for Marriage.  No controversy here.  Marriage and family should be at the heart of the community where traditional folk music is played.  I'll pray that Scythian keeps up the faith and touching souls with their music.

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