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Monday, 18 June 2012 15:39

Papal Legate Cardinal Marc Ouelett of Quebec spoke before a crowd of 5,000 at the Our Lady of Knock Shrine this past saturday at the Holy Father's invitation.  The Independent reports:

At a special Mass in Knock Basilica, Cardinal Ouelett explained he had been asked by Pope Benedict to come on his behalf to Ireland's Marian shrine. The cardinal said the Pope prayed daily "that the people of Ireland may know the Lord's peace, consolation and comfort".

He continued: "Let us be confident there is light beyond this present darkness and that our faith is stronger than the evil of this world and our own failures."

Here is an excerpt from Cardinal Ouelett's sermon:

The French poet Charles Peguy reveals his own life story through the story of a peasant who was going through a very difficult family situation. His wife was a non-believer, and one of his three children was gravely ill. He was on the edge of despair and did not know what to do. He suffered terribly until he was inspired one morning to take to the road and make a pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady, walking from Notre Dame de Paris to Notre Dame de Chartres.

"She is a mother," he said. "She will take care of my children as she has taken care of so many for two thousand years. She can certainly handle three more. She is a mother, the Mother of God, our Mother".

And so it happened. The peasant entrusted his children to Our Lady with total confidence and abandonment, certain that she would answer his prayers.

Upon returning home, the man was surprised how much relief his bold gesture had brought him. Yes, a bold gesture of faith, which came naturally to our ancestors, but is all-too-often forgotten nowadays.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am happy to pray with you here today and to entrust the Church in Ireland to our Immaculate Mother. Mary's Immaculate Heart is a heart full of love that knows no boundaries, made in the image of Her Son's Sacred Heart: a Heart formed in her womb, all-encompassing and seeking always to aid, console, encourage and strengthen everyone.

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