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Written by Michael Maedoc   
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 22:39

During his Christmas address to the Roman Curia, the Pope highlighted the current attacks against the the very nature of the family.  He is a prophet calling our attention to the grave threat that surrounds us.  It is a threat that many do not recognize.   On the feast of the Holy Family, the Holy Father guided us to recognize the importance of parents' role in education.  Our primary role is not simply to educate them in the arts and sciences but to educate them to a life of wisdom in God's presence.

Mary and Joseph’s concern for Jesus is the same as every parent who educates a child, introduces them to life and to understanding reality. Today, therefore, we should say a special prayer to the Lord for all the families of the world. Imitating the Holy Family of Nazareth, may parents seriously concern themselves about the growth and education of their children, so that they may mature as responsible and honest citizens, without ever forgetting that faith is a precious gift to be nourished in their children through personal example. At the same time we pray that every child is welcomed as a gift from God, is sustained by the love of the father and mother in order to advance as the Lord Jesus "in wisdom and age and favour before God and man " (Lk 2: 52). The love, loyalty and dedication of Mary and Joseph are an example for all Christian couples who are neither the friends nor masters of their children’s lives, but the guardians of this incomparable gift from God.

This is always a challenge when we can becomes so pre-occupied with seeing that schoolwork, chores and our own special projects are done.  If only I can learn the virtue of seeing my children as a gift and I am the guardian.  This is especially difficult with the three year old... she is my saint maker :)

The silence of Joseph, the just man (cf. Mt 1:19), and the example of Mary who kept all things in her heart (cf. Lk 2:51), causes us to enter into the mystery full of faith and humanity of the Holy family. I wish for all Christian families to live in the presence of God with the same love and the same joy as the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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