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Saturday, 05 November 2011 13:17

We have put the Irish Saints & Roman Catholic liturgical Calendar up on the site!  Its been some time coming and we're glad to get this project rolling.  The calendar contains references to articles on the saint for the day according to the Roman Catholic calendar.  The information on the Irish saints is  highlighted with a Celtic Cross icon on the calendar.  The calendar has an interactive google map.  We have built the calendar beginning with the Advent season up through January 13th, the Octave of Epiphany. (traditional calendar) View the Calendar here. The calendar is a work in progress and we will complete the remaining months for 2012 as the year progresses.

The articles for the Irish Saints come from this site with a design specific to our considerations.  These articles will include basic background information, a story about the saint, a list of resources and available information, and a google map showing the birthplace or key place of ministry.  All articles will be properly referenced.  As I stated above this calendar will be updated over time.

You can go directly to the Saints Calendar with this url: www.IrishSaints.net

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