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Sunday, 27 May 2012 12:53


Today we celebrate Pentecost, the beginning of the Church.  Yesterday, as part of our celebration of May and in preparation for Pentecost.  My family and I began building our Mary Garden.  Its situated next to our front door and will be modest in size but large in hospitality.  Mary will welcome friends and family into our home.  When we arrived back from Mass today we saw that the yellow day lily and Easter lily that we had planted opened up for Our Blessed Mother.  On the day the Church received the Holy Spirit, her Mother gave us a sign of her life in the Holy Spirit.




Thank you Lord for your presence in small places.   Today we'll pray the sequence together asking that the Holy Spirit Illumine us:


Come, O Holy Spirit, come! From Your bright and blissful Home Rays of healing light impart. Come, Father of the poor, Source of gifts that will endure Light of ev'ry human heart.

You of all consolers best, Of the soul most kindly Guest, Quick'ning courage do bestow.

In hard labor You are rest, In the heat You refresh best, And solace give in our woe.

O most blessed Light divine, Let Your radiance in us shine, And our inmost being fill...


John Janaro over at Never Give Up shared with us this poem by St. Edith Stein to the Holy Spirit:


Who are you, sweet light, that fills me
And illumines the darkness of my heart?
You lead me like a mother's hand,
And should you let go of me, 
I would not know how to take another step.
You are the space
That embraces my being and buries it in yourself.
Away from you it sinks into the abyss
Of nothingness, from which you raised it to the light.
You, nearer to me than I to myself
And more interior than my most interior
And still impalpable and intangible
And beyond any name:
Holy Spirit eternal love!




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