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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 20:27

As the end of lent fast approaches and we bear down with fasting and prayer during holy week, we come face to face with the stark difference between the Christian life and the secular world.  The world is a wilderness in which we roam.  We do not find home in the things of the world but in the interior life with Christ. 

I entered the fasting of holy week, with strong attention to prayer, but with a most enjoyable employee appreciation event for our staff at a popular tourist spot.  It forced to deal with my own struggles to keep to the commitments presented to me by the world and maintain my Christian focus on the eternal.  Efficiency and productivity over prayer and fasting, partying over observing the liturgical life and attentiveness to Christ is the calling of the world. I may have just spent a night under the roof of a hotel designed for waterside drinking and revelry but I live under the roof of Christ, feeding on His Love guided by His Spirit.  On the outside, I am participating in my surroundings, exercising in the fitness room, enjoying the waterside view and socializing with folks from my work but Christ is calling me to an interior life that transforms that participation, redefining the message conveyed in my surroundings and drawing me to a deeper participation in my surroundings. 

A staff appreciation event is fitting for the emphasis on Christ.  When it comes to work, It is in these friendships that I find Christ, in these personal encounters where encountering Love is most possible.  The efforts at fasting definitely contrast with the mood, so I participated in the food and some drink, preferring to focus my efforts on the internal life of prayer and other forms of sacrifice.  This balance is very difficult to strike, and my own vices don't help me in these situations, but the challenge opens my eyes to the radical calling that Christianity presents.  It was fitting that my spiritual reading was a book on the inner hermitage.  Here are some fitting words from the reading:

 The hermit has no cause whatever to gear the rhythm of his life to the frenetic course of a world whose scale of values is the reverse of his.  He feeds on eternity...  Let inconvenience in all things be familiar to you; 'no-need' should order your arrangements and requirements... He burns himself up by purity, which stifles the appetites of the flesh, He burns himself by penance, which causes him to renounce to sources of earthly joy.  Above all, he burns himself up by love, which is a fire.  The heat of this flame kindled by the Holy Spirit wore out the very bodies of the mystics and delivered the Virgin Mary's soul from its earthly bonds.  Jesus Christ must be your passion, and the zeal for his glory in you and in others.


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