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Saturday, 02 February 2013 09:46

For some time now, my friends and I have wanted to hold fundraisers for the homeless and poor in St. Louis.  We've been thinking about holding a set dance for the homeless in Chouteau's landing and donate the proceeds to the Msgr. John McCarthy Fund for the homeless.  An article on the Trad for Trócaire fundraising effort in the recent issue of Treoir reignited my desire to get this effort rolling.  Trocaire is a charity that fights poverty abroad by providing food and schooling.  I am not familiar with Trócaire but I am familiar with similar efforts such as food for the Poor and would love to follow this model for support of local efforts such as care for the homeless of Chouteau's landing and the work of the St. Vincent de Paul society.  More on the fundraising model from Treoir magazine:

Now in its third year, Trad for Trócaire, which is run by Trócaire in association with Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, encourages members of Comhaltas and the wider trad community to organize, play in or support a local trad music session.  At the session, some form of fundraising takes place e.g. bucket shaking, a cover charge, a raffle for spot prizes, an auction etc. and the proceeds are donated to Trócaire to help transform the lives of some of the world's poorest people.

This seems like a great idea.  Not only are they raising money for the poor but they are using their talents and having fun while they do it.  According to Treoir, Comhaltas and Trócaire hope to hold over five hundred sessions across Ireland, UK and the USA.  Food for the Poor just visited our parish, so this article comes at a good time for us.  It would be nice to focus the hearts of folks in St. Louis on the homeless and poor in our own neighborhoods right under our nose. 

Find out more about the effort at Trócaire, http://www.trocaire.org/trad

Here's a good video of their visit to Uganda:


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