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Saturday, 13 April 2013 19:35

I've been reading the lovely compilation released by the Irish Bishops on Eucharistic devotion in Ireland.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has asked the Irish church to highlight their great Christian heritage and the book was the result.  With all the great treasures brought out in the book's numerous short articles by experts and scholars invited to contribute, I was motivated to dig back into my reading and pull out an Irish 'welcoming'prayer for after consecration.  Fr. O'Riordan quotes an Eilis Ni Chorra of a Mass attended in Co Mayo some 100 years ago,"The church was packed and never before (or since) have I seen or heard such fervour... at the consecration there was such a cry of welcome to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament - Céad míle fáilte,a Thiarna (a hundred thousand welcomes Lord) - that the tears came to my eyes - and I am not an emotional person."  I have always been moved by this account along with the following prayer from Fr. O'Laoghaire's Our Mass Our Life:


One hundred thousand welcomes to you, Body of the Lord,
You, Son of her the Virgin, the brightest, most adorned,
Your death in such fashion
On the tree of the passion
has saved Eve's race and put sin to death

I am a poor sinner to You appealing,
Reward me not as my sins may be;
O Jesus Christ I deserve Your anger,
But turn again and show grace to me.

Jesus who bought us,
Jesus who taught us,
Jesus of the united prayer (rosary),
Do not forget us
Now nor in the hour of death.

O crucified Jesus, do not leave us,
You poured your blood for us, O forgive us,
May the grace of the Spirit for ever be with us,
And whatever we ask may the Son of God give us.

I started reciting a shortened version of this and eventually took a similar prayer from another source that my 5 yr old daughter has been taught as well.  We created a laminated card to help her remember the prayer with the longer version on the back for post communion.  The image of the card is below.

Consecration Prayer Front

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