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Saturday, 18 February 2012 22:28

Under the Oak is a blog authored by Brigid from Ireland who shares her love for the Irish Saints and the liturgical calendar: "Under the Oak is dedicated to the saints of Ireland, especially to our national patroness, Saint Brigid of Kildare. The main source used here is the 9-volume collection Lives of the Irish Saints, by the Rev. Canon John O'Hanlon, a work in the public domain."  Don't let her claim regarding resources fool you.  Brigid has spent hundreds of hours researching to obtain the many resources she utilizes in her stories on the saints.  Her blog is a rich companion for any lover of the Irish saints.

Here is an example of the quality resources Brigid shares with you:

A 17th Century View of Saint Brigid: Brigida Thaumaturga

Brigid, Under the Oak, February 17, 2012.


The gem below is a sailor's song invoking St. Brigid:


'Brigid, who guidest upon the deep the fleets that sail for Ireland, our bark prays thee to be her guide.
The south-eastern alternating with the northern blasts stretches our expanded sails towards the western side.
But ere the shores of Aquitaine, disappearing below the main, were lost to view;
our vessel lashed by the waves gapes wide, and a leak admits the entering waters.
The water-filled hold fatigues the arms of the sailors relieving each other by turns.
As often as the sand glass counts the hours, the ship's pump pours out the exhaustless burden.
To go back was unsafe, unsafe to advance.
The sole safety for the wretched was to offer prayers to God.
We pray, merciful Father, despise not the prayers of Thy suppliants,
but under Thy guidance direct the ship's course to the desired port.
Brigid suppliantly prays for those of Irish birth,
The pious prayer of the Virgin shall obtain what she asks.


This Blog moved and has a new name: http://omniumsanctorumhiberniae.blogspot.com/

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