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Sunday, 09 June 2013 16:56

A friend of mine thinks that there's a spiritual significance to Bing Crosby's song "With Every Breath I take."  At first, I did not know where to take that except that its a love song, and spiritual in so far as that goes.  Then I popped in over at Dappled Things and read a poem from a mom to her child titled To Every Child Who Asks, am I your favorite?  Here's an excerpt:

 Am I your favorite? you want to know.
And I say yes: As every breath I take’s
My favorite breath...

 And so
You are my favorite child right now, because
You stand before me, asking that my heart
Declare, You first, you always. And it’s true.
It works this way. Love’s strange, elastic laws
Grant each child its undiluted part,
And that, my love, is what I offer you.

I love this little poem.  It is true that I love every one of my children as though they are my favorite.  When they stand before me I am presented with their inestimable value and that uniqueness shines every time I encounter them, all I have to do is look.  With every breath I take I am called to love what is before me as God has loved us, to offer up myself to the wonder of what is before me.  But what underlies this is what can be called the superactual aspect of love.  Love for your spouse, and your children, sticks with you even when your spouse or your children are not present.  Then when you encounter their soul again its like a fresh encounter with the most wondrous beauty that bears a permanent mark on your soul. 

As for Bing Crosby, I tink you can go there, but I'll leave that up to you all to decide:


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